The Splunk Apptitude App Contest is an online competition designed to find the next big app using Splunk software. Whether it’s the next cutting edge visualization, or a highly technical security app – we want your big ideas.

But there are no big ideas in big data without the data. And while we want to support your most creative approaches, everyone can use a little guidance. The following are suggested data sets (only suggestions - not required) for the types of data that you might use in your Splunk Apptitude entry by category. Please be sure to visit the official rules for more detail and full requirements. 


Fraud / Insider Threat: We have you covered!

  • Check out the Splunk TA with pre-parsed and Splunk CIM compliant fields for the R6.1 data set from above on Splunkbase: You can use this TA to get a jump start if you want to build your app using the R6.1 data.
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This category is wide open – bring us your best and most creative ideas! Want to see what past submissions look like? Check out Splunk Apptitude Round I!