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over 7 years ago

Just 3.5 days to submit for Splunk Apptitude – Things to remember if you want to win $150,000

We’re in the final stretch. Scratch that, these are the final moments to put the finishing touches on your kick-ass Splunk app for this round of the Splunk Apptitude contest.

Reminder: Final submissions must be in no later than 12:00:00 am on Monday July 20. No exceptions.

So you’re just finishing up. You’re absolutely convinced that you can win this. What do you need to remember? What do you need to provide as part of your entry so that logistics and technicalities don’t get in the way of your impending victory?

Here’s a summary of submission requirements. Meaning if you break these rules you will be disqualified. And we don’t want to disqualify you. See official rules for more details.

  1. Use Splunk to build an app in the latest version of Splunk. Get a free Splunk developer license.
  2. Create a video – not to exceed 5 minutes and 3 seconds. Yes, we know this is an arbitrary number, but it’s the absolute limit. Don’t go over! Use this to show us how the app works and what it does using the latest submitted version.
  3. Provide a short description of 500 words or less. Tell us about your app, what it does, what it solves, and how you did it.
  4. Provide at least 3 screenshots of your app in action. We want to see the latest version of the app in action, so make sure this reflects your submitted version.
  5. Specify the categories you’d like to enter. We won’t stop you from entering all three categories, but keep in mind that each has some unique requirements. For example, social impact requires open data be a part of your solution.

Is this exhaustive? Not intended to be, and not even close. That’s why we have the officials rules. See official rules for more details!

Reminder (again): Final submissions must be in no later than 12:00:00 am on Monday July 20. No exceptions.


Questions? Something else on your mind? Looking for a last minute partner to help push your app across the finish line? Let us know in the forum.