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about 8 years ago

Want to throw your hat in for multiple categories?

Want to enter your app in multiple Splunk Apptitude categories, but can’t see quite how to make it happen?

Our apologies for the oversight, but the field where you select the category for your submission (e.g. fraud/insider threat, social impact, innovation) doesn’t allow for multiple selections. In the event that you’d like to enter your Splunk Apptitude app in multiple categories, please select your first choice in the field on the submission form and clearly note any additional selections in the project description and/or body of your entry. We’ll be sure that you’re considered for any and all categories that you select, as long as your entry is eligible.

Have other questions about your submission? Worried time is running short? You’ve got a couple of options: 1) Submit your questions directly to us on the discussions page OR 2) send us a private message from your submission page. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. Just remember – we’re not granting extensions.

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